Arnon Weinberg

Arnon Weinberg

Work status: Retiring – interested in volunteer work.
Interests: Cognitive Science, computer programming.


  • H.BSc. from the University of Toronto, majoring in Psychology and Computer Science (1997).
    Awarded the Winifred Florence Hughes Scholarship, 1995
    Awarded the Rhea V. Scott Scholarship, 1996
    Achieved standings in the Dean’s List, 1995-1997
    Final GPA of 3.55 out of 4.00 (‘A-’)
    Additional credits in 2 graduate level courses from the Computer Science Graduate School of the University of Toronto (1997/1998)
  • MBA from York University, specializing in Management Information Systems (2003).

More information:

My name is Arnon, and I am currently in the process of retiring from a career of over 20 years in computer programming, team leadership, project management, and technical consulting.

I have always been interested in science, particularly cognitive science, and hope to use my retirement to give something back to the world by volunteering my time to do science work – research in a lab, private R&D, hacklab projects, whatever opportunities might present themselves.

In 2014, I joined the cognitive science stack – an online community that is part of the Stack Exchange network that includes Stack Overflow, Cross-Validated, Server Fault, and many other well-known Q&A-style forums.  The cognitive science (now psychology) stack focuses on questions related to psychology, neuroscience, philosophy of mind, linguistics, and other related topics.

I quickly became the 3rd-highest ranked contributor on the site, and in 2018, I was elected moderator.  I volunteer my time doing literature reviews on areas of cognitive science that interest me, answer user questions, and help administer the site.  Peruse my profile to get an idea of my writing style, areas of interest, and breadth of knowledge.

My personal blog also contains my writing on introspection – an area of particular interest for me.  This article summarizes information from a wide variety of areas within cognitive psychology.